Nature Photographer
Other Activities

​With all this beautiful space, there are quite a few things you could get up to during your stay!


Pilates classes

Mountain biking

Horseback riding

Fishing and picnic spots

Canoeing for kids (small scale dam)

Game drives

Snake Park (4km away)

Exclusive bow/ rifle target shooting (200m Shooting range)

fun in the mud
bow shooting
campfire stories
game drives

request a game drive while you are here

bunnies and chicken
mountain biking
boys playing in the muddy dam water
post sunset
horseback rides

discovering the bush veld from another perspective

horseback rides
horseback rides
horseback rides
fishing at our dam
fishing at our dam
bow shooting

target bow shooting

small children on the deck

quietly checking out the wild animals

playing with baby bunnies
birthday gathering
exclusive pool at tented camp
boys at the workshop
shooting from vehicle

target practice

evening bonfire and camp
Shooting range

birthday party

Boat rides

guests are welcome to utilize water crafts for fun activities and fishing